Friday, September 01, 2006

Portless but Happyful

First I was cameraless because the sister went to Honk Konk with it, then I was cameraful because I borrowed one from a friend to show you people my adventures.Now I'm portless obviously because I'm not the owner of the camera la.Which means I have to wait till the real owner finds the usb port for me to transfer the pictures.So no piccas again today.Guess I'll have a Pictures Galore II with more events.

Hmm..Merdeka was weird..I don't feel any spirit of merdeka anywhere, anywhere at all.Next year must be merdekaful d I don't care.Half a century edy marr..Okie okie?

Wasn't at home the whole day on the 31st.Woke up, got ready, made a few calls and so on.Had a road trip kinda thing to Kuala Selangor.Went to U.Tee and A.Kun Kun's, an old family friend who we visit anually, house in Kapar there.He's the owner of Kapar Coconut.So basically he has a lot of land.And a lot of dogs[animals]!
This time we brought the Saw and Sebastian's family - Mandy and Jon Saw + adopted childs, Jane C and Yin Har, together with us.
Hung out there awhile and finally headed out to KS.It's been a long time since I've been there and still can remember the place.Ate at the same seafood restaurant and sat maybe at the same place if I'm not mistaken.It's been years.So ate and ate for quite awhile and finally went out of the place.Saw my mom's side of the family there, then the Sebastian's saw their friends too and dad met an old friend who was the drummer in their band.Small world I tell you..So we went back to the house to eat fruits and stuff.They have this golden retriever which was huge.Found out that he was only less than a year.SO CUTEE.Hehe.Didn't take picture la.

Headed home and had to get ready to go to Pyramid's Convention Hall for the last night of Emerge KL 06 hosted by City Harvest.Just only found out about going there that afternoon.So blur and I didn't even know what was it about.Event started about 6 and ended at 11.The thing is, we didn't even feel the length of it.It was praise and worship first, performances, closing up of a few competitions, prize giving ceremony, preaching and ended with another short P&W.
Oh yea, SOUTH CLUSTER WON OVERALL!!Heehee..Didn't get our group photo as promised, because some people wanted to go d.

Skipped school today, again.So I followed Har to mom's new food stall in Meru Corner opposite Glad Tiding's just now with Cheryl.She's selling Chak Fan aka mixed rice?Don't talk to me about chinese terms la..I'm turning into an even more pure banana already.Nice food I guess.Just like any other day, the only thing different from home is I get to eat food that is still hot coming straight from the kitchen.At home is always 2 hours later food.Or maybe 3 or 4 hours?Blame the tuitions and my slow eating.
I think I'm going to eat catered food from now on.She's in the catering business too.So whatever she cooks for them, I get it for dinner.But I say they're lucky because she cooks Malaccan/Nyonya dishes too.

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