Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I always blog only during exams eh.Excuses just to not study and only studies when the clock hits 12..or maybe later.TodayTonight sure can tahan wan.Slept for 4 hours in the afternoon.Wanted to sleep for awhile ny le..But then whole day got nothing going on, so mom didn't bother waking me up.Well she did eventually at 6 to ask me to watch that show I've been watching for the past month or so now.She's nice =).
Normal mothers would wake one up to study, come to think of it.But my mom woke me up to watch tv!!Haha.So fun so fun.
Can't believe I've been going and will go to school for 6 days in a week this week.Bleeh.Plus last week go whole week edy.Darn you accounts!!So unfair.
Ooh I can transfer pics to and from my phone and edit them and make them smaller edy.Hehehe.But stupid louyar phone capasity so low.

Bla bla bla.K bye bye.

Marked is pronounced as Market ya' know?

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