Sunday, August 06, 2006


8 stinking hours in a mall and only 17 pictures taken.And it's not even really 17.17 because of cacated snaps.Saddening.
But getting new stuff does take that feeling away.Hee..So not so bad la.Too bad for you humans who wants to look at pics la hor?Who wants to join me in me glee? =D
Lets start from the beginning, shall we?
Went to the big number 1 which also can be said as the first, which when translated in to Bahasa Melayu could be satu, pertama or utama.Well those people chose Utama.So when combined, 1Utama.

Left the house at around 8 something, and Mandy went right to the Mastina shop.The main point of going to 1U was because of Mandy's work.Their grand opening or something.Didn't go at last cause that girl said "go also cannot see cause so many people", so no pictures from there.
Since Adeline and I tagged along and we had nothing to do that early, we decided to explore the place and had breakfast at A&W while Mandy did her work.Oh before that we went to the toilet and well, camwhored.

Man I jus lost my mood for blogging, but I have to continue anyways right?Can't believe it's a HAVE to.But I want to finish this up also OKAY CONTINUE.
After camwhoring in the toilet, we went walking around to waste our time waiting for the rest of shops to open.Saw this thingy on display in one of the shops.

Heh heh heh.Walked around pretty much the whole time to find her stuff.[that track above there cost rm180 weh.can die].Met Roy when he came from work when Mandy finished her job in the event.After that the shopping begun!Bought quite a few stuff and then like that la.Left there at 5 something and sent Roy home and then home sweet home!!


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