Saturday, August 19, 2006

I Drove!

Hehhe..So fun fun fun!!Fyi, today is and was my first step in reaching my so called "goal" of being legal to drive on the road!Hee hee..
Started off with going to the place there and meeting my instructor.A nice and funny man, wasn't bored at all the whole time.Immediately went into the car and he asked me to do the basics like knowing the gear, and check what stuff during the exam.Keep forgetting weh.A few minutes of that and then had to drive round the place.Then did the 3 point turn, parking and bukit all a few times.Did all those for like probably one hour or so, then he showed me the route in the open road.Then my turn pulak.Was so scared the engine would die on me.Good thing never la.hehe.After he lodged in that I was done, then I had to drive home.Quite heavy traffic some more, but then experienced almost everything la.
So that means, I finished everything in one day.Yaye.
Oh yea, I saw Zhong Yi while i doing the parking.Haha..Nice to see a familiar face though.

Well before all this which was i the morning, 5 of us from Klang went up to Subang to help one of the Cell Groups of City Harvest Church to play captain ball and futsal.Played for maybe an hour.Got to meet new people and saw Diana, since she was the one who recruited us.Found out that we were going to help them play, TOMORROW.But, after so long of not playing, still can laa..hehehe.So a few of us are gonna be seperated and play different games againts other cell groups, since the church has sooo many people.Hopefully can help them win la.haha.Then can get trophy and take group photo.hahaa..Saddening.hehe.

No piccies today.Tomorrow!!
I realised that not everybody has the font that I use for my headers le.Cacat.

I do sound more cheery don't I. =)

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