Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Been feeling this feeling for the past few days now, today's the worse.Depressing betul.And for I don't know what reason either.Okay maybe I do, but but it doesn't seem right.I really wanna drown myself in sleep now.Too bad too early.Dunno what's my stoopid problem.Seriously.I wanna be myself again..I don't show it la.Most people would think that I am still me, but i don't think I am.I'm not.I want to be the person that I am outside the same as inside.Not the miserable me that I think, and probably am in me.Such ness[sucky+emo].
Had a good walk home today.Get to think a lil bit.Guess I'm gonna have much much more time thinking edy la.Gonna be walking home most of the time in September..till the end of schooling days too.Good.Can sweat out all the emoness.Haa..

I'm gonna drive this when I'm 21 i tell you.

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