Thursday, August 24, 2006

I Have No Nice Pics of Me Self to Edit

Ok I did not cry, but of course I did get a wee bit teary.
I think I'm going into the bad mooding stage again.
Driving practices are tiring man.Especially when I've been following mom around town waiting in the car doing absolutely nothing and having little time left before leaving for the class.My next class is gonna be next month, two days before the exam.All because of accounts paper and the after-one-month-only-can-take-exam policy.Sadnyerr..Have to wait longer.Better not get rusty.
Must drive the tredia soon..which reminds me.Sally[the tredia car] just got into another accident again.Every single month weh.The day after my dad was finished with her.And he's fixing her now.It's 2.10 in the morning.Hit and run some more.Irresponsible stoopid driver.Haih..*slow to anger, slow to anger*
I was in the Sebastian's house just now since 8 something till 12+.That's one of many other reasons why I've been "missing" on the net lately.The going out kinda early and the coming home lates.Not my fault, I'm not the one driving.

I'll post pics tommorow/today if i find the time/not feeling lazy yea.

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