Monday, August 14, 2006


I went to school today.But only for 8minutes tops!Hee.Oh what fun walking in and out, passing all those friends who are going to stay in there!Initially I wanted to go to school, but then my mom gave me that great idea so that I wouldn't have had to stay in school.My mom's the best I tell you.Oh her birthday is in 6 days.Sisters are gonna do the whole getting the prezzie thingy, so that means I can relax.Hehe.

One thing about not being able to go to school was that I missed out the prefect's thingy la.Some of them retiring mar..I should've went to support or something.*Feel bad*.Sorry ya.And then got the getting the siggy's from teachers so that we can get sijil for what we did in school for the past few years.I still don't understand about what I should write in there.But I guess I won't get any la.Won't be going to school tomorrow also because I'm going for the 6hour lecture.

In church yesterday got this small boy probably about 2.His mom was telling us about what he did la.She was saying that he and his sister, who is 3 was snatching something from each other, and he suddenly said "Grr..Wassap yo".Hahah..Super cute!Both of them veerrry smart wan.Started talking long sentences when they were around 1 i think.

Later in the evening Sam and I went over to Zlwin's house for a gathering for the rally woship team.But a lot of them coulnd't make it.Some chose futsal over fellowship and friends.Haha..Lousy people.Sam just stayed awhile and he went to City Harvest for something with dad.So it was just the six of us.Me, Priscilla, Swee Vien, Adrian, Jonathan and Zlwin.After having dinner and done talking, we played cards most of the time.First it was cho tai ti or something, then heart attack.That was the funnest.Whacking people even when it wasn't your turn and grabbing each other's cards just to get a heart attack.Crazy bunch of people.After that was pictionary and picture taking time.

Feeling a lil puzzled now..

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