Thursday, November 22, 2007

Skip if you must.

My lecturer funny la.
Wanna give us mock exam but then want us to lose in a few IQ-calculation related quizzes first before that.

As in like if we lose, we'll have mock exams every friday till our finals in march/april.
Thats like a freaking 4 months.
Too bad my class got a few smart and sneaky ppl.Hahahaha.
So for now we're actually safe.

I neeed to cut my hair.Or at least shape it la.
It has been a whole year since I last had a haircut.Just before sitting for SPM.
Keng leh..Saved quite a lot.If not..sure go a few times in a year wan right.

And shopping tmr!Was eye-ing a few stuff the last time.
So nooww..wanna go back there and see.Hopefully can get some stuff.
I'm still mourning over that top from Esprit.
Seriously should have gotten it.On discount some more that time!
But I'm looking into some footwear for now.And maybe a *some* tops lah.

Will be dad-less for a week.Dad is off to Thailand for mission trip.
Which also means..No piano classes for 2 weeks!
[Cause the school will be close!] :) :):) :) :) :)

And I'm sorry my post hasn't been picturey.
When actually feel like blogging with pictures, then I'll post up the Sepang ones.
Or the EMW concert.

I don't have holiday until the end of December!@#!&@@!#@#!!!
O.N.E week only okay.Babibabibabibabi.

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