Monday, November 19, 2007


Ever since I watched CSI on wednesday..its was a rerun by the way.
I've been trying to find this one song I heard on it.
Season 7, episode 6, titled Burnout.

You have no idea how many times I tried loading it.Dun ask me dl.Waste space saja.
And to no avail.All because my stupid dum dum connection keeps dc-ing for no freaking reason.
And I think we're on some stupid package.Pay rm77 dunno for what.
Streamyx sucks like crap.Blahhh I'm so angry.

And you know what..I actually did get to load it finish..
But I fell asleep.And I was using the other comp which couldn't rewind.
Maybe not compatible or something kua.
So yeah..I fell asleep.And when I woke up..Show was over.BWARGH.

I'm pissed.Could someone be a doll and go here, simply because I think this loads faster, and load it for me.
Download you need not.Just leave it on.
It should be around 30minutes plus till the ending of the show.

Don't think you need to watch the whole thing though..
Just put your mouse over to a certain point and let it load from there.
But its not advisable la.

I reallllllyyy hope I wasn't dreaming that there was a song there.Bleh.

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