Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'm a Yellow Banana

Who on earth would provide and give you
  • bus transportation to Pyramid
  • mee hun and some kuih's as breakfast
  • gloves for ice skating
  • ice skate for FREE
  • and an additional rm10 to spend!
just so you would go for ice skating?
ALC is who!Haha..I tell you..i think this principal/owner guy super rich wan weh.
Some more he lives in PJ wan.

Its not like one class very little ppl liddat.One class about more than 50 ppl.
TWO classes went and 4 busses sent all of us down.Siao.

I didn't skate much la.Most of the time teahing friends skate.But it was fine.
So this is Kavitha, been sitting beside her almost everyday since coll started.

Sze Yong and Kai Ling, this two fella's randomly turned around and talked to me in class when I was sitting behind them.

Poh Suan and Chew Yien whom I was cloase to in Comp class

Which brings me to my comp class teacher, Mr Kumar.

Few other girls in my class.

Ck, April and Hui Jia.Ck's a worker in ALC.Dunno what nonsense he was dancing in there.

I'm there and I look sucky :(
The middle guy is Mr. Liew our principal, the one who sponsored this thing la.I think.

The 5 except Sze Yong was whom I spent the rest of the time with in Pyramid.

Mr Kelvin and I dunno who..I'm suspecting its his girlfriend, but she's wearing and AIA shirt.
Maybe she's just wearing his shirt?It'll remain a mystery larh.

I did some potential couple spotting.Hehe
Dj and this girl whom we call Mrs Liew, but then..cannot be mrs Liew d la.Change to this boy d.

do I see an affair?

Gosh I'm too free.

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