Saturday, June 30, 2007


These past two days was out with the ex-school and classmates.

First one was in Friday's for Fabian's farewell dinner. pictures, unless KATKAT wanna give me la.I lazy wan ask. :D

Gim Keat learned that I was such a banana.Actually I myself am surprised la.
Ever since secondary school most of my friends all speak Chinese ny wan.
I never picked up any of it for one bit.
And now being in college, these people also speak Chinese as their first language.
But I still speak English only.Hahah.

Had fun nonetheless, felt as if we were back in school.
Listening to all the nonsense things they did and are till doing.

Sin Yin's birthday was a few days back and so they wanna celebrate or some sort.
Went to Jeth's the next day and I never order my Passion fruit smoothie... :(
Nvmlah next time, Iduncare!
Noo pictures again..Too bad so sad.

My family and I thinks that Ichiban is pregnant.
Dunno true or not la..Hope its true and isn't true at the same time.
I want kitties but then mom dowan then dunno what else la.
So susah.
I don't even think that she's grown up enough to have her own babies!

Happy *insertnumber*th Birthday Diana

woosh! I made my mark of 10 posts a month!

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