Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Amazing, That's What He Is

I'm feeling super hyper having this What If song stuck in my head.
So i went and listen to the video in my comp.
Regretted I only recorded 1 minute of the song during rally.
Even during then I was hyped up already.
So I couldn't stand it!I had to stop recording!!And then now I regret.Haha

So here, the one minute video I had.
Sorry for the bad quality.Not my fault!Hee..

Anyone got the full vid?I want... :(

And in case you're wondering, and if you didn't already know,
The rally was amaaaaaaZinG! I know its three weeks ago, now shuush.
I enjoyed myself, as always.
God never cease to amaze me.

I was a sickly being, or some sort for the past few days.
Had some allergic reactions to something, which I will never know what.
Actually rust is one of them.I think.
The last time I had these rashes was two years ago.Around the same time.Weird.
But thank God! that I had this one week holiday.His perfect timing.
So cool right.Cause if it ain't coincidence, its..its..God!
I'm feeling happy.And hyper.I was jumping when I walk just now..
At home lah of course. :D

Neways my rash went down already, went to the doc's yesterday and got an injection on my left butt cheek.Haha.Too much details I like.
Today got little bit, then I just put the lotion then no more itch!

Now I can enjoy the rest of my holiday, itch and rash free I hope KNOW!

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