Saturday, June 09, 2007

Feeling Elevated

Daniel Bedingfield...'s
In no particular order,

He Don't Love You Like I Love You
I Can't Read You
Honest Questions

Gotta Get Thru This (accoustic version)

I like...
I used to hate his songs last time because of the nonsense[to me la] video clips.
But right now I'm listening to them over and over and oveerrr.

I feel like talking about college ku, ALC.
Lecturers are all nice, superbly funny and friendly.Teaching also good.
Nice and friendly and funny staff too.
Aiyah they're all nice, friendly and funny lah.
I actually don't really mind staying in coll for 5 to 8 or 9 hours.
Like seriously.
Plus the non-fluent chinese speaking friends makes it somehow and sometimes funner and funnier.

You know how sometimes very chinesey people they like to clap clap and stuff wan right.
To those who went for the MCA camp.REMEMBER?

I dunno how else to explain la but liddat la.

Know what?I think I might be the only one with a REAL english name.I think la.So the weird.
Class some more quite a lot of people already.Okay maybe its not so weird considering..this is a college in Klang......I shall not go any further :D

Bah thats it for now la.haha
Went Starbucks just now with Diana and Jane Chong and Ade.
Had a small but big photo shoot![You'll know when you see the pictures as soon as I get them.]
But without Diana..again...
Wifi wifi some more la.See.
But get super well soon!Hehe.

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