Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The End

I am officially a college student of ALC now :(

No more ANTS-ing.....
One of our last pictures together.

A future accountant I shall be.

So orientation was today.
It was alright, the Principal Mr Liew was a funny guy.
Talked mostly about staying positive, being passionate and committed about the course and the rest I can't remember.
Had lots of laughs even though I was alone.
Lots of illustrations were done.Uber cool.
Not much student interactions were done though, or should I say none was done at all.
Dunno la..

During break I talked to this guy beside me.Asked the usuals, which was very little aand liddat la.
After that never really talk d.
He'll be in a different class, so that means, I have to make other new friends tomorrow.
Which I dread doingggggg :(((

About half an hour be fore orientation ended, JaneC asked me whether wanna follow her since she was just opposite my coll at Tabung Haji there.
Doing what?Collecting her IC finally after dunno how many months.At least 5 or 6 months.

Went JJ to do her "grocery" shopping.More like junk food shopping to me.
Before that she sent her laptop to the comp shop there and she asked me to do b****y face to the comp shop guy cause they send the thing to fix so many times already.
Before entering I was asking her, "What if the guy is cute???"
Which he kinda was..but I did the face anyways.You know la my usual face very not nice wan right.

Well anyways, that was just half of my day.

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