Saturday, April 28, 2007


This was what I did hours before trying to sleep.Snapping pictures I mean, not editing them.
That one was just only :)

Slept at 9 something finally.
It was around 7 something that I finally went to lie down on the bed, when Miss Ichiban started meowing at the window asking to let her into the house.Yes, our own personal rooster.
Let her in, fed her and lie on the sofa.
I was feeling hungry so I waited for mom to wake so that I can ask her to make half-boiled eggs for me :D
Ate and went to bed after that, and I just fell asleep right through.

I knew Wei Hao would be up at 6 so I had him accompany me for that 3 hours or less.

Amazingly I got myself up at 4.Which means I only slept for 7 hours.

You know what?

It's NOT NICE when you're in between and your friends starts making you choose whom to go out with.
Though I did make a choice at last, but I still love all of you the same okay?!
Wanted to make up for it just now, but then someone wanted to be a good girl and stay home.


Anonymous said...

well, you should be thankful you have people asking you out!

It's worst if noone asks' you.

michellE said... I am so the very very very very very grateful for all of em'.