Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Chalk Zone

*Phew* finally I'm done!At least I think I'm done..
Like the new layout?I do!haha..perasaning :D

One fine day while I was bumming around, I suddenly got this idea of making this place, chalk-like.
Wanted to draw more wan..but then I got lazy.And it was going to rain when I was taking the pics.
So liddat lah.Should be good enough.

Hmmph I got sidetracked.
Guess I'm now certain that I don't need to do anymore editing already.
Why can't IE and Firefox work together-gether la..buat pasal ny.

JaneC has officially started her college today.Orientation starts today.
ANTS has lost one of their member!And then next next week it's Sara's turn.
Ade, end of next month.
And me?We'll see ;)

We will be missed I'm sure.Haha.Love you guys!

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