Friday, April 06, 2007

Goodbye Old, Helloo New!

Remember those times when I used to talk about how cacat and holey my flip flops were?
To think that it would actually be "solid" considering its name/brand.

Due to excessive running in Tjen's house a week before she left, it started to be holey.
After tolerating it for a month plus long and its much bigger holes, I finally decided to rip its cloth off and spray paint it!

Some of might have already seen it, but I still want to blog about it lah.


Fyi, Ichiban invited herself into the picture.
Just think of her as a kalefei.

And in case if you're wondering why I only did it one side..
Well spray painting IS NOT as easy as it looks!

Or maybe I'm just bad at it.*shussh!*

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