Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Day in a Life of a Loiter *edited*

Just because they're so cute and adorable.

And they were actually minding their own business.
Ichiban licking herself and who knows why Sandy is looking as if some one forced her there.
Which I certainly did not!

I spent my Friday lepaking around Taylor's with two boys.
And maybe a few others for a while.
I still wonder how we managed to spend 6 hours walking around Asia Cafe and places nearby waiting for Cheryl's class to be over.

After sending her to class we went for breakfast at AC of course.
It was horrible.How can toast be horrible.It spoiled my appetite for the rest of the day.
Felt like puking everytime I smell the smell of food!

To waste our one hour of free time before the games room thingy open upstairs at 9am,
We resorted to going to the cyber cafe.

Played CS and some stupid hard to control car game.But still it was fun!

Once we were done we met Cheryl for her one hour break.

Went up to play their game of pool.
Just when you think your sons and daughters and studying.Tsk tsk.

The workers there have so much fun lar.They get to play free pool whenever they're free.
This guy even played a round with Wei Hao.His expression when he play damn cute wan.Haha

Too bad Yh wasn't in the mood to camwhore with me today.Lousy ppl all run from the camera wan.
TJENNNNNN faster come back lah!

To cut the story short, met ex schoolmates and ex classmates, after-highschooldramas, Wild Hogs in pyramid, *edit*emo camwhoring in car!, home and sleep!

Ffk-ed bak kut teh aand continue-ed sleeping..

I'll continue this later....

Later will come soon enough~
...Later is here!

"Fine fine I'm updating already.." :(

Mar Vin's surprise bday party was later in the night, which is actually one day early.
Gathered outside his house before entering and met more ex classmates and ex schoolmates.

You have no idea how long we waited while Hong and Fabian went to wake him up.
When they finally lured him into the kitchen area, the candles were almost burning off already.

Did the usual birthday drills and got makan la.

They had domino's pizza, but then i never eat cause of that ROTI BAKAR la.Still had no appetite that night.
Every since I knew the, every year till this I never seem to not see their gay hugging thingy wan.

Farah and Eng Ho putting cream on themselves..Haha.So cute right.

Some of us went in front to watch tv and we actually watched Tom and Jerry!I miss that show..

Katkat, Wei Hao and I left before midnight to go pick Cheryl up so that we could go to Botanic.
I know it wasn't wise to go there late in the night la..but we couldn't resist!
Too bad the play ground there was wet, if not we would've stayed there longer.
Went Mcd's to eat a lil then balik la.
Cheryl drove Sally...She totally got confused till she thought the brakes was the accelerator!!

But we got home safely though.
Cause I took over after we sent Kathy home, of course...

To think that our night would've ended there, but no..
Decided to watch Pan's Labyrinth in Cheryl's place.
That stupid show that some of us who watched, hate.But I just wanted to see her reaction la so I agreed.
But Wei Hao slept like a pig as usual.

Ended up going home at around 4 something I think.Luckily I had that sleep.

I'm done!

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