Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pardon Me

Michelle Oh can be busy too okay.Somthing that I thought that would be impossible, for now.
But noo..It had to be now.Dumbdumb.

Not really la actually, it's just that everytime I decide that I should finally update, the connection thinks otherwise.
But when it's finally good, the family decides to go somewhere and I have to go for *Idon'tknowwhat* reason.

Since I'm a majorityly photo blogger, pictureeesss!Not a lot though, I've not been having the bestest of
moods this week/past few days.Sometimes i feel like going nuts.Don't have to care about the things in the world or whatevuh*scottish/english slang*.You should see me in Giant yesterday, talking to the sisters while them joining in too in all those english ppl slang.It was fun while it lasted.

Went to Malacca last week during the raya holidays.I got to drive on the highway for awhile.The fastest I went was at least 115mph babeh.Too bad the rain came and er, lets just say that it was better for me not to drive la.Still a newbie.

So at first I thought that I would be camera&photo-less for this trip down.Found out before that my daddy brought the video/dvd+cantakeabsolutelynormalpicturesbecauseithasasonymemorycardthatcomesalongwithit that he bought for the use of the music school!Like normal videocam's-*can take night vision also*

[add another 11 cousins and you'll get the whole lot]

The only fun thing about the the trip this time is the company, no food or views can ever replace that, right?..*love*


Church organised a children's rally held on Saturday.Children's programmes now seem so totally different compared to those days when I myself was in Children's church.The environment, the music, the feel.
I love my children's church days.I miss the "old" days..

For now, I think the best of days to me was my primary years.I don't wanna grow up anymore!*stop please stop*
Garh.Whatever it is, the best is still yet to come hey.

*k time to curi glamour once again*
but surprisingly it's not me this time.I'm proud of it.hehee.


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