Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Habanero Peppers

People often think of these peppers to be the hottest in the world, even I thought so.
So googled "hottest pepper in the world".They said it was the tiny wild Tepin.

The last couple of days I found out that I really hurt a person's feelings a few weeks ago.
The minute I found that out I was like.Gahh I know I kinda did that, but not till that bad.
I've been so mean.People should just tell me when I'm crossing the border line.

Sometimes I'd rather just be the old me.Quiet, reserved and the one who just, well, listens.
And also get involved in things that has nothing got to do with me a.k.a not being a busybody/gossip.
Gossiping is baad.

Anyways with all these away, the possibility of me getting and being in a bad mood would easily just become lower.
With that, I wouldn't have to hunt nor kill.See.Simple chain of reactions.

I wanna be the old happy me.

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