Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mr Froggo Came Along

4 days and I feel obligated already.Dumbo.

Went to spend a few days in Genting.Yeah.Genting.Not Malacca!!Changed plans and joined a few of my relatives in the apartment that they were staying it.

Okay okay, I was just crapping.We did went to Malacca.The haze was bad that day on the way there.
And lucky for us we were in the car.
Went to the apartment right away, met mom and immediately feasted on Putu Piring.It was piring, not mayam.I forgot.Sorrey.Didn't really like this one cause there was too much of coconut in it and it was a lil bit cold.

Reached there around dinner time so decided to head out for dinner.Satay celup!I miss it already.The slimy red thing down there is keraaaang.One of my fav item there.
Went to Jalan Bunga Raya, if I'm not mistaken.There weren't many stalls around since we went kinda late.
Bought a pair of pumps from a shoe shop there.I wonder if I'll ever wear it.
Dad and mom bought that place's famous oyster place.Or something.Around rm5.Darn cheap and a lot! :D
Next morning, just me, dad, mom and big sis went out for breakfast.Had our most most favourite, must-have dish whenever we go back to Malacca.
The Duck mee.Normally priced at rm2.50.Looks little, but very fullyfying.There's the dry type too.
For lunch, the parents went out and ta pao'd back some food for us la.
This is called bubur Sumsum.Not bubur.It's just the name.Made out of coconut/santn and brown sugar and whatever la.I dunno.*I simply say wan*
Gotta go for now.Human focused pics later.

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