Saturday, October 07, 2006

Not Your Average Driver

The JPJ guy was soo..stuck up.I thought I was gonna fail for a moment.Having to go back there all over again was so not what I wanted.
But I got what I wanted.
I passed my driving exam!!!No stuffies under the table whatsoever.
Pure.Clean.White.Buy colgate!
Wehehehe.And in one week I'll get my P and officially legaaaal!
To drive I mean.

Can't wait to finally drive around with a purpose.

Hrmmph.Today is..Today was...
Not the best to say the least.Some parts of it.

Aanyways I'll be going to Malacca on Sunday.Yaye.
I want putu mayam, all those nyonya kuih's especially bubur sumsum![or however you spell it], then mee!!and also satay celup.
Fooood + Malaccan coussies and uncs and aunts.

Will be there till Tuesday I think.So.Miss me ya.
*Cause I'll miss you guys!*

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