Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Whenever somebody/I do not have a title, I shouldn't update.Then I wait for a few days and keep people waiting, and then there you go! an UPDATE!Like what the above title says.Hehehe.

Anyways my weekend was going out out and out.

Started off with pre-rally which was on friday.It was AWESOME.Met a few old friends there too.Over all it was fun lah.

On Saturday, a few of my clasmates and I met up in school to clean up our class for our moral kerja amal.I think we cleaned every part of it.Oh except the walls.Hopeless wan that one.When we came back to school on monday, Haren asked us about the floor and he ask, "Why the floor still so dusty?".Hard work gone.Haha.But at least the class looks better with the tables looking all the same already.

Cheng Yoong super happy get to play with soap and water.The slippery floor makes it even more tempting.

Later in the night, the Sebastian sisters and the Oh sisters went out for supper in Kim Gary.It was dinner and supper to some actually.I ate 'Peanut Butter and sweetened condensed milk toast' i think.I knew I shouldn't have got myself into anything peanut butter-ish in Kim Gary's.Can make you really jelak wan, but I didn't know which to choose.At last i ate about half of it ny.

Left there after midnight and went and see Sarah's wedding spot.It would be the first wedding held there.It's kind of a lovers spot actually.There's goona be press' there.Scary.

Oh i took a photo of the buah keluak for you people who doesn't know what it is.

i like~

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