Monday, June 05, 2006

Church Camp-eying..

I'm BACK!!Miss me?I know some people don't.20 cents was more worth it than me.Blek.Feeling like eating mamee on the first day of school.Mamee...M-A-M-E-E ....Haha ok ok i'll move on.. ... . .. .But I still want my mamee though.

Church Camp, had fun, but in the meetings I didnt quite understand what the speker talked about.I listened but it was hard to catch what he was saying.
Anyways, some of us went up a day early before the camp started with some of the GT girls.

Camwhored in the car while we were waiting for the others.

Finally reached Genting Permai after 2hours i think.It was already in the afternoon when we got there.All 8 of us ate some bacang or as some of you other people call it, rice dumplings? for lunch.Seaw Chin brought up her LCD from her tuition center so tat we could watch dvd's.But we didn't really got the chance to watch a proper movie with everyone cause there wasn't much time.After that, 5 of us went for another lunch session in Gohtong Jaya.Their pao very very soggy wan.I tried finding for the rainbow flavoured paddle pop which I was always able to find everytime i go to Genting, but i didn't.Settled for Tropicana at last.Went back to the apartment and slept!
Had steamboat for dinner in the apartment.
Decided to go up to Genting while eating.So after steamboating everybody got ready and ended up leaving for Genting Skyway at 10 plus.Took lots and lots of pics in the cable car.Went to First World and walked around a bit.Ended up in the bowling alley where we bumped into Ying Chye and some of her friends.I didn't wanna play though, so just 7 of them played.Notice that circled red thing there? "Black sock can drink" wan le!!Came back by taxi which was veeery expensive.The guy kinda ripped us off.But we had no other choice.
My parents and the rest of my siblings finally came up on the second day of my stay.
Went up again to go to the Theme Park.At first it was raining but then it stopped after awhile.Only got to sit about 4 rides which was the Spinner, CorkScrew, Solero Shot[Space Shot] and Cyclone.It rained again after we went in to have our lunch.Had to rush back because 4 of them needed to go for the practice as they were playing that night.
The next few days was just picture taking, lots of them, skate boarding, playing mafia/card games in the night, supper, snacks, more skate boarding and late suppers.All home made food by my parents!
Kids are my joy~


Anonymous said...

Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.

michellE said...

Thanks.I do have a lot of pictures..A lot as in like really really LOT.But i thought it was kinda too much for you guys so I cut down on them.Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.