Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm tagged..

..and I don't like it!

Four jobs I would stink at:
A Salesperson.An anti-social here.
A Human.
A Blogger!Seriously i don't write/type very goodly/entertaining right.
Whatever job you could possibly think of, I'd probably stink at most of them.

Four pretend nicknames I'm making up for myself:
Chellie Ms. Kathy.
Pet pet.sounds so wrong.
Miche-miche Oh.

Four movies I have watched over and over:
101 Dalmatians.When I was a KID okay.
10 things i hate about you.
Pride and Prejudice.
How to Lose a Guy in 10 days.

Four things I love to do on my weekends:
Stay up later.

Wake up late.

Four things I could NOT live without (besides oxygen, H20, and miscellaneous life-sustaining substances):
Family and loved ones.
Electrical appliances.

Four TV shows I geek out to, or used to geek out to:
Grey's Anotomy.
CSI.All three of 'em.

Four of my favorite foods, partnered with people with whom I enjoy eating said foods:
McD's with church youths.
Mamak with close friends.Joel you're one of them too.
Baskin Robbins with me familia.
Oldtown Kopitiam/Kim Gary's with the assgp.

Four places I would rather be right now:
Cameron Highlands[Che foo or anywhere in CH].A really huge, peaceful and quiet place I'd like to go back to.
With him wherever he is right now.Bleeh.
Anywhere which has me eating ice cream.

Four people I'm tagging:
Whoever la.

Good luck in knowing me better.

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