Saturday, June 17, 2006

Eat a Banana!

Went to a down syndrome home.It was near my house.Seriously didn't know it was a down syndrome home after many many many years of living and passing by that house.I thought it was an old folks home or something.Ehehe.So the Charity Club and Moral Club of STAR "college"[I'm in college already!!I don't like and want to go to college.So..bleeh] meet at the "college's" canteen and 0830am and waited for people to come so that we all can leave for the home.Some of us walked there and I think I was the only girl who did.So sad right.Kena bully and raped and molested by guys all..haih.Obiously I'm joking =D .Who would want to disturb me anyways?Reached the home and said hi to some of them and took a group picture because Mrs Lim had to go.Some of us were feeling a lil awkward because well, we had nothing to talk to them about.But later on I guess we loosen up and were "better" I think.

Sat at the swings or something and talked and camwhored and sayanged the dog among ourselves while most of them were inside entertaining and spending time[which we should be doing too] with the penghuni's there.

Waited till 11 and then the games begin.Only two games was played, Musical Box and er I don't know whats it called.Ironically the electric went off when we wanted to use the radio for the games.But I guess it was better that we didn't get to use the radio because we ended up singing ourself and it made it more fun.So some of them came up and sang the songs that they liked and stuff.Cute.

Ran out of games to play and so there was an awkward moment.Again.So we waited and waited and at last, the food came.People prepared the food and made the drinks.I got to put the fries from the big plate onto smaller average-sized-plates with that clipper thingy.Hey at least simple things makes me happy okay.Me, Joel and Brandon opened up at least 20+ packets of chilli sauce.Lousy la those two, complaining finger pain all.Haha.

After eating, the other 2 dogs were released and we played with them for awhile.We then cleared up the plates and took a last group photo before we left.

Laziness always gets the best of me.Bye byE!

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