Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Back To Schooel

Today was the first day of school after a very short short SHORT 2 week holiday.I want more more more more more!!I'm gonna miss those days where I can sleep however late I want without anybody saying anything.The next time I'm/we form 5-iens are gonna get a very nice nice nice enjoyable holiday is in 6 months time.Time pass faster please please please!!I know I'm gonna regret saying this one day.But who cares!!It's gonna be late nights and a lot free time.I wanna go night dream about it.Can go holiday-ing, then then SPCA!!*hint* and and err..I can't think of anymore.But I'm excited!So happy thinking about it.Gahaha.*floats into the air* I think I better snap out of it.And I'm so talking to myself right now aren't I.

So yesterday was Sunday, the day before that was Saturday, the day before Saturday was Friday, the day before Friday was Thursday and so on and so forth and this has nothing got to do with anything.

ANYWAYS, yesterday morning helped out in the children's church.Kids nowadays.At least in my kidden days our attention span is like 5 seconds and super more than that compared to now.Too much space given to this "generation" already.But it's been so long since i helped out.So it's still fun!!Kidsey kidsey kidsey.

Went lunch in mcd's Bukit Tinggi with the youths.After that went home and waited till 4 something to go for the rally practice in GT's youth hall.Went to pick the keyboard up and left.Late.So yea..Practice was fine, still need lots of work though.Rally is in less than 1 month!!

This year's rally [Chapter 2] emcees.Musicians were having a break and they were asked to show some of their stuff.

So about today, school was fine, got some exam papers back.But not the whole set.Some good, some bad and some down the drain.Got some sleep in school but it wasn't enough.Rubbed Yh's head before going home.Wahaha.Two tuitions today!Managed to catch some sleep in between when came home.

So i guess this is it.Toodles people.


Kathy said...

eh get a chatbox lah.easier to see.

michellE said...

hard better la.it makes you hardworking!

Kathy said...

babi lah you..everytime also have to go tru blogger's comment.

michellE said...

haha.soon la soon.make you wait a wee bit longer.

kathy said...