Friday, June 09, 2006


People want updates?I'll show you an update.I'll give you an update.This is an UPDATE!Hee

Well last night we had a barbecue at the Sebastian's Residence situated in Taman Radzi.The last time I had a barbecue was during church camp in Genting.My mom marinated for us this pork rib or something with dad's very own special recipe.It was banana with mandarin orange.Was kinda disgusting when I first saw and ate it, but after awhile it was nice.The banana and orange was put on a small portion of the pork rib but you can taste it in every single bite of the meat.I feel like eating it again.Shouldn't have complained that time.

Anyways back to yesterday.Only a few of us came, which was like 10 to 12 people including the 5 Sebastian's.Later in the night or should i say morning, another 2 came.So can consider about 14 people came altogether.The bbq pit was self-made by Uncle Albin!They used an old washing machine and added legs to it and there you go, your very own bbq pit!

Reached there and helped fan the fire to keep the fire away from the food.And before this I thought that fanning was to make the fire bigger.Guess I thought wrong.Jane did the bbq-ing of the food they made and Sarah was in the kithcen and I think Mandy and Adeline helped a little too.After awhile Jane C came with her [instant] pasta.

Sam came late with the camera so didn't really take a lot of pictures.

Some of us sat on the floor and the picnic table.So it was Japanese/Picnic style barbecue.

Adeline playing the guitar later in the night while we were sitting around on the porch outside while singing and stuff. I did try playing but I cannot change and find the chords properly so..yea..

While some of them were cleaning up, we went in to play X-Box.Missed it!It was about 1 in the morning when we started playing.Left the Sebastian's at 2.

Came home at last and took a shower.I didn't know why I did accounts homework for.Too free probably, but it was like 3 already!slept at 4 because I was watching tv.

I wanna go eat my dinner.

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