Sunday, November 12, 2006

Revisiting the Old

I missed church today.Gerrh.
All because I wanted to rest a teeny weeny bit while more, I continued sleeping for another 2 hours.
So me and mandy finally went at 1 to go give the car to the other siblings and went for lunch with mom.

Headed to Port Klang to eat the mee soup somewhere there la.
Used to go there for lunch when church was still in Port Klang.
Mom said that the mee soup stall there is the only one that gives chicken.Don't know whether it still is or not.
While mom was going to take more chilli right, the lady told her, "So long never see you already."
Aaand we haven't been there for like er..lets just say a very very very very long time la.Coolness

Dinner time, we went to the stalls[?] beside 7 11 in southern park..
Haven't been there for awhile too.
Nothing much happened except at every single table, smokers.
I kept brushing my hair with my hands to push the smoke away.I just washed my hair kay!

*Oh yea my dad is back!! after 6 days being in Thailand!*
Brought back food and some accesories.I like one bracelet.And got necklace also.
Must go there one day.Must.Must.
why does it hurt even when it's not suppose to..

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