Friday, November 10, 2006

Counting Crows

Woke up hearing sounds of birds outside.
Not those lovely kinda chirping like those in the movies or nice environment home kinda feel, mind you.
More of a horror flick kinda feel.Crows, black crows, many of 'em.
Mom woke me up saying, "Michelle wake up, see the crows want to attack Sandy,"
Sandy's the dog, if you didn't know.
Went to the window and saw it for myself.
They were flying everywhere!Up down maybe left and right too?But not that low la..
Then I saw a crow on the ground while Sandy going to it constantly.
Apparently she caught a crow and wanted to play with it.
And as true friends and family, the whole colony came to the rescue!
But they just flew around and Sandy..she looked really confused..

So the pic below, just times that number of crows there by two or most probably three, then you might just get the whole lot of them.I was too tired to go and take more pics of them.

A few minutes after getting out of the room, I looked at the clock.
Got a message from Katkat saying "Ha".
Then I remembered today she was suppose to take her driving exam!
After that got another one saying the same thing, then another one.
I was puzzled at first, then realised it was a veeeeeeery slooooow laugh.
She's crazy.
But she managed to pass her driving exam for the second timeeee!
But she's crazy too.

Oh this is The little miss culprit.[not the crazy one]

*THE CROW DID NOT DIE* it managed to fly away..somehow..some way.

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