Friday, November 10, 2006

61st Post

Since I didn't have my 50th Post post, I'll have a 61st one.
So I wish I'll have many many more posts to come.*cheers*

I'm bored, Mandy s making me download thousands of fonts from

The new fonts now can't fit in the desktop anymore.And I'm only at D now.

I didn't get to go to the last day of school today.I'm missing out an episode of lots more pictures.
Darn tuitions.*oh I just reached E!!*
I'm gonna miss school, though not during this SPM period la.
BUT after that!..Who won't eh.
Do you think I'd be appropriate to bring a camera to school during spm?
Or would I be considered crazy.But I think not, for I am Fantastic Font!
*yeah I'm at F now*
It has not been a very good day, thank goodness it's over.
Love you lots lots!

1 comment:

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