Sunday, December 16, 2007


Gonna talk about my funny mummy again.HAha.
Its a Saturday night and she was the one who came back the latest.Happeningg.
Even Sam the "rockstar" is at home beside me online-ing.
So sad right.

Ouch I just bit the side of my mouth for the 6th time in 24 hours.
Stupid senget jaw.

And I can't believe I spent rm25 on stationaries today.
It's like my occasional shopping edy.

Battle of the bands was funn.THEY WON!

Kenny sia kenny sia..

I experienced my first mosh pit.Idiots.
Luckily got at least one person in front of me who knew how to push them away.
Idiots.Hahah.Itu pun mahu buat mosh pit.
Bus Company forever inviting the mat rempits to do such nonsense.
I remember they came out during One Rock too!But no mosh pit of course.

Will blog more day.
Retarded budak sudah balik!

I might have forgotten how to camwhore.. :(

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