Sunday, September 09, 2007

Little Monsters


How I miss him.
Those times when we would just shout his name and you could just hear little feet scampering from afar.
Or if he wants to go do his business outside he would just run to the grill gate and start jumping.
How he would greet us by standing and leaning on our knees when we come home.
Bringing him on rides while we do some short errands.

Or even bringing him on a family holiday if we couldn't find a place for him to stay.
Also being woken up in the morning during my holidays with him staring and smelling my face because he was bored and no one else was at home.
One thing that I definitely don't miss is him humping Sandy and vice versa.Euugh.Haha
But he's so cute anyhow.


*sama-sama baru bangun*
Doggie sat this little baby sometime ago while Joey was still around.
Had him around only during the day when a.Irene go to work and her family wasn't around.
He was so humongously tiny and fluffy.He even have this i-just-woke-up-hairdo thing going on.
Sometimes he looks like he just kena punch in the face liddat.
Too bad dunno who is it don't wanna give them back their puppy.Dunno what nonsense happened la.


She.Is old.Not that old la actually.Around 6 years old already.
And still acting so childish.But she's sooo pretty.And has a very fluffy backside.
I cannot imagine if we didn't have a Sandy in our life.No one can.
Her puppy pictures are long gone..
She used to sleep in front of the doors of the room which has its air conditioning on when she was a pup.
She's such a cunning dog.There was this once when she stood on the chair and pushed the food cover off the table and ate someone's breakfast that was there.
There was also a period of time where she would pee if she was little scared.Now no more
She's the noisy dog which ppl would throw eggs at.Which I reckon didn't even help one bit in keeping her quiet.Such doinks la those people.
You be friendly with her and sayang her then she'll keep quiet.Alright??
Definitely not one that bites at ppl.She's the I-like-to-smell-ppl's-asses one.
Ohh she like flipping skirts too.To smell their ass also la.Cheeky betul.
Have I mention that she loves cats but are afraid of kittens?
Gosh there's so much more about her, but I'll save you the trouble to read.


She gave me the rashes!Actually most cats that we keep during my secondary school years la.
Be it living in or at the back of the house.
Found her in front of the music school there.I cannot believe she is so big now.
Now she might be pregnant and she eats and asks for food like 5 times a day.
Whereas Sandy only gets to eat once.It's a 5:1 ratio.So unfair.
She made a hole in the mosquito netting because she knew ppl was awake and no one let her in.
So she decided to let herself in the room and sleep beside me after that.
Now she knows she cannot sleep beside me edy cause I kept pushing her off the bed a few days ago.
This morning she came in, went to the end of the bed and sat on the floor!
She loves sleeping on bags and going into plastic bags.
Can someone please tell me which cat they know doesn't respond to *meow* or *chutchutchut*??

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