Saturday, September 15, 2007

Halloo Camaroon

I love saying it that way.Hee
Anyways this post will be all Cameron related pictures la yah.

KShin, I must say, I really like this picture larrr.I dunno why.Haha

Meet Ah Kao!The resident doggie in Oly apartments.

Midnight snacks.Toasted bread with butter/peanut butter with marshies .
You sould see how kiam siap I was on the first day, but it got super fully loaded on the day we left.
Should've taken a picture of it as well.
Oh oh credits my big jie jie for suggesting us to put the marshies on the bread.haha

New friends, Joy and Joel.Friendly kids they were.
Their aunt owns a shop in Tanah Rata named Tea Cafe above MaryBrown.
Go eat the scones there!Closed on Sundays cause they go to church.Haha

We went jalan-jalan at this place right.There's this guy working there who totally freaked me out.
He kept *heh-heh-heh* when I was paying.Some more lips close but make that sounds soo many times.
Apparently I'm the only who heard that.Eeh.

I was feeling for rain okay!

Ade tryanna be some model.

Some of them went home on idontknowwhichday.
Aand the rest of us went jalan jalan at dunno which tea farm.

Tried to make use of our last night by going out to town by ourselves finding for mamak.
Ended up in this burger stall which has guitars for you to play.

A very tempting empty road.


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