Monday, September 24, 2007


I wanna cut hair tommoroww.Hopefully my mum remembers.
If one day holiday wasted.
Yes! I got one day off today, which is Monday.Like, right now.
College got annual ball/graduation.So they gave everyone a day off!

Too bad lar Bukit Cahaya closes on Mondays.Darn it.
So our Ichiban is well and pregnant!
Can feel her little baby/babies in her stomach.
Hopefully there's only two of them in there.

Buggerr took me one hour to edit this thing.
Sam's sunnies some more with me big hoop earrings.Hoho.
Hmm..I can never find a sunny thats perfect for me.
I like the colours!
So i guess maybe that one hour was kinda worth it.Hah.
Think I shall put this in my friendster soon.Pictures in there a bit outdated edy.
K see yah!
I think all my next post will be about nonsense la.
1 down, 2 to go!

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