Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kick It

I usually use my Saturdays to blog about stuff I left behind.
I think I ran out of them.

Oh right, a few of us has been going up to Pj for mamak at Williams, and up again yesterday for futsal.
Which ended us up in Williams again.
Yes, its been waay too long since the last time any of us played futsal.
I'm the paling lama one tak main la.
Sam's friends, Shaun and Leon kept giving me the ball. :(
I'm not the attacker kind okay..
I play defense.But not a very good one also I suppose.Haha.

This was from the other night.A few of us with Sarah and Petrina.

Darren's hair here, reminds me of Dragon Ball.Haha.

If I feel like it, I will post a bit of yesterday one la.Not much also.
Bleh bye.

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