Saturday, September 08, 2007

Random as random can be

I've been doing homework and all..before this la.
Worse thing is I do in front of the tv.
Yesterday record time was 7pm till 4 in the morning.
Of course I got sidetracked and all la.

Then just now balik from coll then I faster do hw again so that I don't have to do it some other time.
Three days edy I never take afternoon nap leh!
My eyes are..tired.I'm..tired.

Next time must really not take ponteng-ing so lightly d la.
Make me do more work only.
Tmr's a saturday and I'm soooo gonna sleep in till 2 or maybe 3.See how.

And why isn't my background loading??

Random stuff I've been thinking about[dah la this post a bit random edy]
  • There is always a point in a man's life where they would keep their hair long.
Haha for now one only..I just cannot remember the rest..

Know what..I don't crave for junk food or any drinky drinks like I used to anymore.
It actually makes me feel old.I feel so..unfun.Hehe

Tjen I like the thunderbolt earring!Haha.And you're such a poser!
Joshie I want pictures la.

The pictures in this comp is soo last august.Haa..

I like this picture when we were in Camerons.I like my hair.So I'll post it up :D

Ooh another random fact about hairs.
  • Somehow people like touching/stroking my head/hair.I nono whyyy..
Which reminds me that I have to cut my hair d.
The length I don't mind, just a lil bit messy already.

I don't have the rashes already!It went away two days ago.
You have no idea how liberating it feels.

I really need to get myself some fresh new pair of contact lenses.
My eyesight is soooo bad.I can't even see clearly with just the specs or lense alone.

I want Big Apple or Dunkin donuts!
At least I had my kambing just now d.
Passion fruit smoothie however wasn't as sour as it is supposed to be.Such a disappointment.

K lah I shall stop with my randomness edy la.

One more thing, Jane Seb's coming home soon!

Seriously, is the background not loading or is it just me?

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