Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Series..

Well well well...where do I start.

According to my pictures right..This is in pyramid punya hotel lift.

Actually this one random ny la.I just like the lift picture.
The lighting so nice..I wanna go back there again!

Goofy Ra and her sidekick!..who shall remain unnamed.

And then there was this bridal fair in Centro last last week I think.
U-mae guest singed once again.

Being in a bridal fair makes you feel like getting married..So nice..haha.
Even Ker shin kept proposing.

No waitin'.. :) Dekat carpak.

Girl pimps!..more like lesbo pimps huh.

Random one outside church.With Charissa and Desmond the cousie.

Now we go back to Centro!Again, yes yes.But another day.
Can't help it la.The place so nice.

I like the canvas at the back there.In starbucks.So..yeah.Kita ambik gambar lor.

Jane C and I actually walked outside after paying a visit to the toilet.
The wind was so...windy.haha.Super strong is the word!
Too bad later on when we all went out it was raining already.Couldn't cam whore more.

Jazz Fest..
Went on saturday night around 8.30++
We had a pit stop, two pit stops actually.Coffee Bean and Baskin Robbins..
While walking to Sunrise where the thing is held at.
We purposely go park far far just so can pass by that two places some more...

In Br.
I found a wall.Or glass wall with wooden planks outside.
And Sara in her alice and wonderland world.Big big door..

The music and stuff was cool.
Got one song sang by a gay guy right..still stuck in my head.
One performance by a band is nearly 1 hour.
I was actually tired from having to listen to their solos.Okay la..but too much for me :)

Sat at the almost super front seats there.

Aiyo..I don't think I censored the thing enough..

Sam answered something and got a handkerchief as a gift.
The event ended around 1 liddat.
Went to Murni's and reached home at 3.So exhausted.

Next day we had to go for the Emerge 2007 games.
We were red this time round.
Obviously I don't understand the meaning of red la.

Friends and new friends! from the captain ball team

Amy very funny la..I think right, everytime she snap a picture that looks poser-ish, be it anybody.
She'll laugh tak pasal pasal wan.

Yes, this is I.
Whoever thinks that they can open a saloon after creating this, you're wrong!
Joking la JaneC and Cheryl..No matter how retarded you guys may be.Haha..
K k really joking wan. :))

Ze futsal team.

Har had leg injury minutes before we were about to leave.
What more when she was suppose to play drums in a few minutes or so.
They had an audition liddat somewhere in damansara.

Sam and his band was there too, as we were already running super late for the audition.
So called Sam and asked him to play.
Just as we were to leave, Sara forgot that her bass was in Ker Shin's car.
Who was back in Klang already.So much drama!
JaneC was saying that luckily Sam was playing the drums for her songs the day before.Just for fun!

I slept at 12 that day.Probably the earliest this year.

Har get well soonie!

Mom's birthday was the day after that.Monday.Which was day before yesterday.
Went to Eden in Subang Parade for dinner to celebrate.

We got some Dunkin' Donuts later on the way home!


So what have you learn about me in this post, Su Ann?

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