Monday, February 19, 2007

Here I Am.. Malacca, pathetically blogging.
Nah I'm just waiting for everyone to get ready or something.
Then we go eat superduperdeliciouslyyummydummytummy fulfiling food!
..I hope..Blek.

Today monday right?Yeah I think it is..
Anyways, we went ang pao collecting visiting relatives around.
Two houses ny la..since erm..last year or is it last last year..
The supposedly eldest cousin of all the generation before my generation[dad's eldest cousin], and his wife passed away.
Yeap.So like that lar.

Oh oh!On sunday le..For the first time in my life during Cny my family visited my mom's side first.
My poh poh so the darn cute wan deh.
She gets excited seeing my brother all grown up into a grown man.*coughcough*
So she jumps!Haha..And she's 79 this year i think.
Very cute wan la..but then very hard to talk to her cause I ba na na.
But I understand what she says a wee bit though.

I took this opportunity to blog cause I know I won't do it when I go home.
Thats what happened with Bkt Chy II.
And the bowling that day.
Oh crap must post pics some more wan.
And since got WiFi around here so why not make use of it eh?

K I'm bored now.
Go play solitaire.

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