Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's Holiday

I'm of the hook for a New Year's post right..?
I so do not want to talk about a new year.
Right I'm being a pessimist now.
How fun!

Gosh.Anyways, came home yesterday which would be on the 1st as I said.6++pm.
First day was just sleeping.But I only had 5 hours of that.Oh plus travel time.Slept a bit here and there.
Before that we ate, walked around Tanah Rata and yes, cam whored!

Had barbecue for dinner!Luckily we did it on New Year's Eve's eve cause the next day every one of the barbecue pits were occupied.
And food was great!
Watched dvd's the whole night and I slept late playing Spider Solitaire's medium difficulty.
Yea we brought up our computer so that Mandy can do her work.
messaged me when I was settling myself on the bed.It was 4.50+ around there.

That girl was in Frasers and she thought of me!haha.Cause I'm the night owl right?blek.

The next day, as usual, I woke up late.Well a few of us woke up late.
After having a late lunch we went to Brinchang's night market.It wasn't exactly night when we went though.
Bought sweet potato balls, corn in cup, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, passion fruit[I think, because i don't know what it really is] and all that jazz.It rained soon after.
Got back to the apartment and watched a dvd.
Dinner this time was home cooked steamboat as the weather was still bad.
Played games till New Year.
Oh you know what?
I spent my New Year's playing Spider Solitaire.Honestly I wasn't in the mood at all.
But after having to shout at the balcony for losing, I got better.
Strangers from one of the balcony at the other blocks greeted us!
And we went hi-ing, wishing and all.I love those kinda people.

It was around 2 when we decided to go camwhoring outside at the playground.
This time I took the tripod out of dad's car before!
No shakey pictures, people!!..Except for the shakey people la....
At 20°C most of the time, the 4 of them had this dare of taking out their jackets.Didn't really feel the cold.
I was almost jacketless already though :)

Went back in and some of them went to bed.
I stayed up reading newspaper, making scrambled eggs and miserably failed pancakes.
I terput too much water!!!!!!!Smart of me for not putting the water in a cup first.Hmmph.

Woke up and quickly pack up and do whatever was needed before we left.
For some reason I was really reaaally hungry.
Ate quite a few of dad's successful pancakes, sausages and cheesified scrambled eggs.
Left Desa Anthurium soon after.

Slept all the way to Ipoh for a late lunch.

Reach home at 6++pm as I said and got ready for another barbecue at Su's place.
Ate and ate and then headed to Tesco and Giant to buy stuff before going to Jane C's place for a Happy New Year plus One[according to sam] party with a bunch of friends.
It was fun!Playing Bluff and Uno and knowing all those possible fakers.

I'm actually waiting for the line to come back so that I can load in the pictures.
It's taking so loongggggg.Spider solitaire here I come!*i think i'm getting good at it*

Done done done!!
Happy New Year plus 3!
yeah it really is 3.shh.

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