Thursday, January 25, 2007

Climb Climb is Fun Fun

It's been a kinda long time huh.I think it's normal though.
But that's just what I think la.

I don't blog cause I got nothing to tell you mar..
But if you really wanna know, well most of the days I'm er.
I don't even know what I do.

Went rock climbing today!Twice in a month and three times in a year.
Considered la..last year March till this year January.See 1 year.
I think I'm a certified belayer now.Whatever it is for, I don't know.

It is great fun I tell you.Think the next time we'll go will be end of this year.
Sze Ying going back to aussie and Tjen will be going there as well to start studying.
:( My partner in crime in camwhoring.. :(
Back to rock climbing.Actually nothing much d la.Climb climb ny.
Climb climb is fun fun.Haha.

You know hor..for now i got muscles kay.
Most probably you'd be "Yeah right-ing" me now la.But SERIOUS!
It's still tensed up that's why got.Wahahah.

- - -

I am currently freaking out that I'll be the only keyboardist/pianist for the night session of btg.
Listening to the songs, and I've never played in that kind of free playing before.
In a way it would be a definitely great experience, but I neeeeedd intensive training.
Don't know whether it's confirmed yet la.Just heard about it today.
Maybe if HAR sees this post then maybe she'll think this over.
Up to you la huh.Hehe.

- - -

This post I dedicate to Janey Chongey cause you reminded me to blog.
AND gave me something to blog about!

p/s: Okay I just saw the tag board.A few of you asked me..As in Josh right?haha.Thanks anyways.

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