Thursday, December 21, 2006

Post SPM Syndrome

SPM has been over for like 3 days and 2 weeks a.k.a 21 days ago.
I'm still having those
Those must-have-symptoms during SPM, meaning..
not going out or doing all those things you're not suppose to do during SPM lah.
You get my drift.
Sickening really, but I'm adjusting to it.
I love it, but I hate it all at the same time.
Most, or maybe some of you would know how slumber i was then.
How I acted as if SPM wasn't going on or so.

You should see me now, all cooped up in my house doing nothing.
Not exactly nothing nothing, but I'm becoming a game freak now.
I found the PS1's connector during SPM.How cool is that.
Harvest Moon was first, then Ade started not liking me hog her GB too much.
So I moved on to Star Wars, but it got boring eventually.
And then Yoot Tower.It got boring too.
Then I started taking out the PS1 and Legend of Mana came.
It got so hard to get hold of the tv at any time of the day.
Even harder when I can't wake up in the morning.
That's where Tomb Raider came in.
Got so fed up of the internet and decided to play this game that I kinda feared last time.
Turns out to be quite okay.But
quite hard also lor.
So I'm looking at walkthrough's while playing now.

I'm beginning to feel as though I'm putting God behind.Which I am actually.
The other day I chose going to a church's carnival over normal church.
The thought was in my head the whole day.
And then Youth camp/retreat.Didn't go too.Why?
Because didn't have much friends going, gave in to my syndrome and chose the games over Him.
Sooo not good.
Oh I chose not to go for the BTG retreat too.

On another note, me familia has new pets.
5 fishes in the size of an averagely huge ikan bilis.
Which means it's bigger than an ikan bilis la.
We had them named Henr
y, Lola, Delila, Emery and Teddy.
I only named Delila, the rest was given by Mandy.
Speaking about pets, I went with Yh to walk his new dog, a 1 year old terrier.
So darn cute.Hee..

Gosh it's late.Nighteo.

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