Monday, December 25, 2006

Not A Very Merry Christmas

Days haven't been the bestest of days now.
I feel so..inferior.
Selfish.Stupid.Who knows what else.
And I don't feel like keeping up with blogging anymore.
Or I guess I won't update much anymore.
Not doing everything full heartedly anymore.
So why talk about it if I don't enjoy or whatever crap it is.
I can't stand going around so feeling fake anymore.
But it's not like I want help anyways.So I guess it's a have to.
I think I have a big ego.Maybe not THAt big..but still..

I want to hold on to everything.But I can't.I just can't!
Thinking that I can is even stupider.
But not everything is impossible.right...?
Being naive and opitimistic again.

Do you think hair pulling excessively will make you bald?
I think I'll be soon.
Which will be great!And there I go running again..

Happy Birthday Daddy!
No presents, nor Santy can take this day away from You!
Even talking about You takes away my silly thoughts.
I wish I can bring people to You.
I want the strength and courage.
I wanna tell them of how great You are!

Now why can't I be excited about You like this every other day..
I know I'll make it through with You!
Love You much.

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