Thursday, December 07, 2006


I forgot to blog.Initially i can't forget right..?Cause blogging is up to me right?
Okay nvm.Blek.

Sunday...went to City Harvest in the night to watch Sam perform in a musical.
Rizuan The Musical is what it is called.

The only clear picture I'm willing to post up from the musical.*hahaha*
But there are others too..Like the Klang people...without me.
Josh, the one with the hands up, almost won a phone.But he didn't know the answer, so phone begone!

Went for bowling on Tuesday with Beryl Meryl and Janey Baney!
I got suckier by the minute well lets not talk about it.
But I heard that my bowling ball spins wan!
Heard because I hate looking at my bowling ball hit the pins, or not hit the pins.
Jane is goood..and Cheryl is a fast learner weh..*she said her butt hurts from bowling till today**shh*

The pool party was finally on Wednesday and it was the most driving I've done ever!
'Nuf said.Hee.
Oh oh not enough! Khaliq's little brother is so darn cute.

And today some of us went X-Box-ing in Beryl Meryl's place.
Yong Han got beaten up by a girl in need for speed~!!
And that girl was meee..!
I lost to Joel by 3 and 5 seconds later on.*darn you*
But I did beat you in Burnout too right?Hee..

Today is a really weird day to be jolly about..I'm not suppose to be happy!
I think I got too emo and kept everything in till everything in me froze.

Tomorrow is prom.GArrh.

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