Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Skip to trip

Been skipping school for the past two days.Want to go but lazy and stuff come up and never do this and that.So skip to konon do work but ended up sleeping and going out and not doing.Today told my mom i didn't want to go to school cause was too late d.Which btw wasn't as late like wei hao who went at 8.He can means I also can right.But anyways she told me to study.I didn't of course.Not because don't want, but because I keep following her send this sister here and send the brother somewhere else.By the time reach home d le, still considered early la, but then I was too tired and hungry to do anything.I finally got my roti kosong.Been craving for it for one month already.I want some more.Like how i want paddle pop.I wanna eat.

Rally is coming so closely already.Saturday.Less than a week.If I can count the days with my fingers in one hand that means its like seriously so close d.4days.4.And I'm not even sure of what I'm playing and stuff.Don't know how can people want me to play wan.Sucky like cwap.

Tonight's practice is just gonna be the musicians.Scared la..No brother, no har, no cheryl, got tzi-li.But that girl also quiet quiet wan.Haha.Have to bring keyboard Practice cancled due to no place to practice!!And on another note, I SHOULD BE DOING MORAL KERJA AMAL NOW.

Oh we had a rehearsal for the rally on Saturday night which kinda caused me to not go for Sin Yin's bday party.Oh Kathy did I tell you about it?You were invited too..But then her house so far, don't even know if I would've gone.
Anyways, the first was Praise and worship.It was a rehearsal and a P&W session combined.I was already nervous then.Hopefully I don't go forgetting all the chords on the real day.

After that was the ballet dancing but dancing with one of Planet Shakers' song.So its not all those ballet-ty ballet-ty dance lah.

Next up was the sketch.Lame but funny, but lame.

The best would be the Hip Hop [i think] dance by La Salle-ians guys.Theirs was the best among all performances.Probably girls would go gaga over them.But their dance is nice la.

A day wouldn't go by with certain ppl camwhoring, so..there you go.With new ppl!!Adrian.

So about the skippity school thingy, I dedcided to bring a camera where ever I went.Scared I bored mar, forgive me.

He gets the joy ride and gets to sleep while being driven by my mom to college in sunny PJ.Spoilt. =)

Before going home we stopped by Klang Parade to collect the photos.1buck 1photo.Since when so expensive wan?/Afer that came home and got my roti kosong!!

Happy 4th Of July!!

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