Saturday, July 08, 2006

It's here!!

Tomorrow is the rally.Or should I say today.NoOO!!!!Eventhough excited but still..It's finally here.I'm sure the nervousness are gonna come tmr/later.Breagh.Scary.But it's gonna be fun!Ooh I'm feeling excited again.haha.Typing this makes me feel even more excited and jittery at the same time.Hee.

My body's like feeling so achey now.My pinky finger better heal and be back at it's best so that I can play at my best too!Lord heal me and bless those who's involved and attending the rally tomorrow.Even those who can't make it too Lord.

Gosh the camera better work properly.Gonna pass it to Tjen ,the rally's photographeress most of the time i guess.

Hope I can come back in the afternoon la.Supposingly go at 3 and cannot come home edy.Don't know what to do!

Anyways my back's really hurting now.So..Hie to all you humanoids out there!


xromantica said...

play what?
play what?!

michellE said...

keyboard laah.why sound so excited wan.haha