Thursday, March 08, 2007


Told ade and jane s that I was feeling nervous about BTG already when we were talking about it at mamak.
Maan..I'm afraid that I'll forget my chords and get them all mixed up!
No notes or books weh.Some more I cannot recognise chords wan.
Just have to pray and have faith that I won't forget la huh.

Been eating mamak food almost every night this week.
Well mostly because we keep skipping dinner to run errands and stuff.
Even when I'm not a commitee or anything also busy.
Thats what happens when everyone around you are.You kinda get pulled into doing things too.
Not that I'm complaining la, it's fine.Just busy, sometimes.

In Su's place again.We've been here everyday since last week man.Our workshop!Hehe
Anyways, I need sleep.Like seriously[So not helping the pimples].Guess I shall go now.
Better continue sealing those hand tags.At least lessen the amount that Ade has to do.
After that sleep!I hope.

Ever heard of Pad Heaven and pad fights?

Oooh ya!Just so you know, Ichiban is healthy and FAT.
Eat eat eat like dunno what ny.

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