Saturday, March 17, 2007

Be That Girl 07!! pt II

Started off the day with breakfast at eng ann, to some might be an annual thing.
But to me, nope.
Missed the delicious steamed bun with butter and kaya accompanied by half boiled egg last year.

The conference started off with Hui Sze and the Freakoz and a few others from the night P&W team inviting in the girls.
Did I forget to mention that Hui Sze aka Ah Sher was the emcee again this year?

I'm not a fan of video's.But in case you are, here you go.
Look at the one with the funny movements.That's Har!
And if you can hear one certain laugh also good enough edy la.Haha

Oh I just remembered that they were called the Freestyle Friends by Ah Sher.

Its short cause my camera battery ran out :(

But worry not! For I switched memory cards with another camera!
Think I can go down that easily wan merh.Haha..

Yeah anyways I was free for the morning sessions.
Priscilla's team was on this time.Thank goodness there were them.
I miss being in the congregation.

After p&w is the message lor.Yeah I forgot to mention something again.
Pastor Rosaleen Goh aka Rose.She's ONLY 25 this year and a youth pastor of FGA.
Hmm...we didn't ask her to show her drumming skills this year.Wasted.

After lunch was the electives.
Ah Sher gave Tong Shin[Ker Shin's sis] a chance to be emcee for awhile.
She's form 1 this year and if you see her, you wouldn't believe it.

Poeple from Life College came to give a personality test.
They said that in Singapore you have to pay $100[i think] to take it.And we did it for free!
I think I'm a compliant person.

Right after that the APT crew came to demonstrate hair and body art.
Tzi Li and Ee Chin became their models.

..and I went home in the middle of all this.Hehe
Fashion show post to come.Stay tuned!

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