Saturday, May 30, 2009

I is Needing Koffee BEann!

Tonight will be the 2nd day of assembling and disassembling the pc. Right after, bring it upstairs. Place it on the pc table to store. Did you know that I am that free?

Damn bored lor. At one point I got really, really sick of watching tv. It was like," Show. End. NOw."
I need a holiday from my holiday. But damn music school. Even on weekends. SUNDAYS. Damn.
Shit, I need to stop damning. Darn just isn't the same if its not damn.
Ok, stop now.

I might be in a crappy mood. :(
I don't want to go tomorrow.
Leave me alone!
I don't contribute to anything also ok.
Confirm crappy mood.
Life is such.

Like always, such a crappy post.


Anonymous said...

very free but im sensing the absense of posts lately..

michellE said...

i sense that too!