Sunday, July 20, 2008

It started with a word

And I went thinking "Why do I not read the bible as much as should be?"
Its a shame that I don't read it anytime I want, and I call myself a Christian.
No, reading/not reading the bible does not define one's self as a Christian or not.

Anyways it went on to this.
Why would anyone lie and say they're a Christian when they're not.
Regarding someone saying something about Bus Co.
Why would anyone lie about it la?

Because calling yourself a Christian its cool?
Yes, being and calling yourself a Christian is cool. Its awesome! I'm so so proud of it!
Its awesome to know that we have, yes have, He's mine! You wanna share? No probbieee! and believe in this all so mighty God.
Its so mind blowing that we know and have witness all these awesome and powerful works which He has done in people's lives, in our own lives. Its so cool right.
Who would actually deny it?

I'm so proud to say that I believe in my one and only God.
I love Him! And I do not want to take Him for granted anymore.
I am excited to know You better.
So that I can tell the world that I actually do, know know You!


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